Guangzhou Proud's face recognition system located in European Casinos

In order to manage all customers of the casino, and provide the old customers with a noble experience. At the request of some European casinos, Proud customized a pure face recognition system to differentiate customers and with wing barriers to control access without authorization. 

Proud assisted casino managers to set up a cloud server and input customer information of each branch into the system according to the level, including face and passport information, and classified according to customers' consumption habits. No matter which branch you go to, when a customer passes through the face recognition gate, the cloud face recognition system can immediately identify the person's identity, and noble guests can go to a higher-end room, while ordinary guests have no such right.

With this system, the trouble of manual registration of passport every time is eliminated, and the customer has a more sense of belonging.


Created on:2018-06-05 10:00
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