Hangzhou 2019 . APSARA

2019.9.25-2019.9.27 Yunqi Town Hangzhou. Here, we meet only because of technology.


Up to yesterday, the APSARA Conference 2019 of Alibaba was successfully closed. As the only supplier of turnstiles and self-service certificate  machine designated by the APSARA Conference, Guangzhou Proud did not disgrace its mission once again and proved that Aoyi's products were "worthwhile for money and relieved for use" with the achievement of zero failure in the whole process.
Guangzhou Aoyi has cooperated with Alibaba in four meetings (including the APSARA 2018) last year. All the turnstiles  and certifiacte machine supplied by Guangzhou Proud did not break down during these four meetings, and they escorted Alibaba's conferences safety throughout the whole process.








Created on:2019-09-28 11:05
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